Mojave Desert

Numerous mountain ranges create valleys, salt pans, seasonal lakes and endorheic basins throughout the Mojave Desert, United States of America. Agriculture – appearing bright green in the image – has been hindered in recent years due to a severe drought throughout the region.

Credits: USGS/ESA

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A photo I took in the lovely old town of Saarburg in Germany, where there is a waterfall in the middle of the pedestrian area. 

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West Coast Wild Fennel by Michelle Morin

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Sleep eating Kangaroo.

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Earthrise. Imagine yourself living on the moon. You wake up and all you see is dust and craters. You feel alone. You can walk for hundreds of miles in any direction and it is all the same. Then you see this beautiful sphere blooming with life rise above the horizon - an earthrise. 

You reach out and desire to know what it feels to be in such a beautiful place. To breathe it’s fresh air and float on its clear waters. You thought… if you were only living in such a place you would go out and experience it in all its wonders.

Now look around and realize that you do in fact live in that beautiful place. You live on earth. You can experience it for all the you can because everywhere in the universe is desolation, nothing but barren lifelessness.

Consider yourself lucky ;D. Now get out there and wander! Put sunscreen though cuz its hottt XD

I wouldn’t go as far to claim as ‘everywhere in the universe is barren lifelessness’ since we have hardly explored it.. but yes.

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